Basic Event Details & FAQ's



When is it and how much does it cost? 

  • June 23rd - 26th for the 4 day experience. ($1997)

  • June 25th - 26th for the mastery level skills only. ($997)

Where is it?

  • It will be at a hotel near LAX (more details coming soon!).

  • A link to your discounted room rate will be provided as we get closer to the event

The deadline to reserve your spot is April 9th!

  • We need to know ASAP so we can reserve sufficient space at our venue. 

How do I reserve my spot?

  • Click on the big blue button at the top of the page for the 4 day experience or on the link below it for the mastery level experience only.

Who will be attending this retreat?

  • This retreat is exclusively for current FLN members, FLN alumni, and guests who are interested in joining FLN for the full year.

  • There are only a select number of guest spots available.  If you are interested in inviting a guest to join the guest fee is $2500.  Click here for the link to purchase a guest ticket (feel free to share this link with a guest who you think might be interested).  You can also schedule a 30 minute call with you, your guest, and Marni so your guest can (i) get to know Marni, (ii) better understand what they will be experiencing at the retreat, and (iii) figure out if the retreat is a good fit. Schedule your 30 minute call with Marni here (make sure that you choose a time that both you and your guest are available!).

  •  Please email Julie, our FLN Customer Care Manager, at julie@datingwithdignity for further details.   

What are people saying about the Mastery Level content?

  • “Mastery orientation and these advanced tools created profound shifts and released old stories and patterns at a very deep level for me. It openend up an entirely new level of being, something I've only heard about before vs. actually experiencing it. Like many of us, I have heard stories about people living at a high level of life abundance and effortless momentum , and this is the first time I can see what it's like - and step into it without fear. 

    At this level, life is joyful and generating opportunities, connections, love and abundance is truly effortless. I am yet to really master this level but I can see it, touch it, smell it now.. I can see it already unfolding. The first results have manifested in my career - awesome momentum at work, stepping into leadership, and new opportunities blossoming all around me. I am also manifesting what I want in my daily life. 

    In summary, Mastery orientation and tools have elevated me to the higher energy level!!! This has been very much in line with self-love, self-care and the joy of living the life I love, which is so important for creating the extraordinary love we all want. On my personal journey, this has been exactly what I need, and this is becoming my lifestyle for good.”   ~Anya

  • “The  main thing that  is working so well for me is in the new Mastery Content is the Success Formula tool. I love the way we broke down the process of what I would need to do to achieve my goal in a way that felt REALLY different to me. This process has me taking serious action especially with my health / weight goal. When I feel stuck I just look back at the list and I have steps to make sure I am on track.  How this is different is I would see my goal weight as a huge  burden in the past, and just was too overwhelmed to even take a step. I had big “black and white thinking”...If I did take a step it was in the unhealthy way of I'll just starve myself or workout so hard that I would hurt myself and just give up  entirely. I would say this is a huge deal for me!” -Jessie

What do I do if I have further questions?

  • Email Julie at