The Find Love Now Coaching Program, with Marni Battista

❤  You can be just as successful in love as you are in every other area of your life. ❤

First, let me acknowledge you for taking a big step forward on your journey to find love.

I have combined the perfect blueprint for you to find a loving partnership with a quality man that adores you so that you can really enjoy the fruits of all your success in life.

And the results of the Find Love Now program speak for themselves.

If you took a tour through my Facebook feed, you’d see engagement announcements, weddings, pregnancies, romantic vacations to Europe, building homes together, starting businesses, checking things off the "stuff I want to do with my husband/boyfriend bucket list,"... all from clients I have worked with the past couple years.

These are women that used to lay in bed thinking... What's wrong with me... Am I meant to be single...Why won't the men I love, fall in love with me... if you’ve ever asked yourself those questions – keep reading.

The astonishing success and effectiveness of this system is not something that just ‘happened’ over night.

Long before I ever dreamed of helping hundreds of thousands of women who struggle with self-confidence, dating and understanding men, I had a lifetime of experience with those same issues.

After becoming my first success story (that’s me and my loving husband of three years in the pic below)...

marni and jeremy wedding driving away selfied.jpg

I created an authentic, experiential process that I have used again and again to create change at a cellular level --

To teach the simple techniques that get women what they want from men through "Jedi" powerful communication skills for dating online...offline...flirting.

Everything you need to burst with confidence so that you attract the great man you want and deserve.

And it works.

My walls are filled with pictures of weddings and babies that are a direct result of women just like you who went through this system.

In fact, this process creates miracles.

Here’s the thing though, I’m only looking for women that are sick and tired of feeling tired... that have had it up to here with dating and relationships feeling like a chore.

And have the courage to take action. Those are the women I want to help.

And if you don’t love me for saying that, that’s okay. I’m willing for you not to like me if it gets you to act.

Because that’s what it’s going to take for you to have the man and the love that you want and deserve. And nothing less.

Nothing is going to change until you have the courage to take action.

The truth is, this process has shown amazingly smart, successful women who previously felt un-loveable and thought they were destined to be alone, to experience the joy of interdependent, fulfilling, passionate, and fun partnerships that can last a lifetime.

And what’s more, the results are measurable.

Not only do women who enroll in the Find Love Now program find a loving relationship, but studies show that 100 percent of our participants are happier overall in all aspects of their life – from health and career -- to wealth and family relationships.

If you are ready for a no-nonsense, step-by-step system where your success in love and relationships will finally match the rest of your life, then this is for you.

The truth is – if you want to discover a renewed sense of confidence and experience the kind of success with men you’ve always dreamed of, I would love to hear more about what you need.

I've opened up 10 spots in my calendar and would love to set up a time for you to talk with me or one of my Master Coaches so we can show you exactly where you are going wrong and how we can best support you in creating your real life happily ever.

To make sure that I can really help you, can you do me a favor and please take a moment and fill out the questions below?  

I'll read these over and back to you ASAP!


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Marni Battista is the best dating expert!

-Ryan Seacrest, TV & Radio Host & Producer

Since working with Marni, I am in the best relationship I have ever been in -- and in seven months we’re getting married in Aruba!  

I used to be the girl who had the wall up so high that nobody was able to get close me. I’ve come a long way from the scared, unsure girl who first started working with you, and I’m with the most loving, trustworthy, kind man: the man of my dreams!

-Haley M.

I came to you in the midst of a breakup, the end of yet another destructive relationship on the heels of divorce.

I met the love of my life within three months of beginning work with you, and now we’re moving in together and joining our lives...I’m staying with you, Marni.


My work with Marni has deepened my relationship with myself, my family, and my boyfriend -- whom I'm now engaged to!

I've learned to love myself and present myself to the world as an authentic, powerful, feminine woman who deserves to be seen, respected and loved unconditionally!

-Amanda D.

I have great news! I got engaged this Saturday!

Thanks so much for all your help this past year. I’m super happy!


(Since Neha's wedding last year, she and her husband Rupen welcomed a baby into the world!)

Because of the work I did to Find Love Now, I am not only in the best relationship of my life, but we are now expecting a baby! 

This work is life changing, amazing stuff that's so easy to do.

And now I am expecting a baby with the man of my dreams! :)

-Tracy J.