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Since working with Marni, I am in the best relationship I have ever been in -- and in seven months we’re getting married in Aruba!  

I used to be the girl who had the wall up so high that nobody was able to get close me. I’ve come a long way from the scared, unsure girl who first started working with you, and I’m with the most loving, trustworthy, kind man: the man of my dreams!

-Haley M.

I came to you in the midst of a breakup, the end of yet another destructive relationship on the heels of divorce.

I met the love of my life within three months of beginning work with you, and now we’re moving in together and joining our lives...I’m staying with you, Marni.


My work with Marni has deepened my relationship with myself, my family, and my boyfriend -- whom I'm now engaged to!

I've learned to love myself and present myself to the world as an authentic, powerful, feminine woman who deserves to be seen, respected and loved unconditionally!

-Amanda D.

I have great news! I got engaged this Saturday!

Thanks so much for all your help this past year. I’m super happy!


(Since Neha's wedding last year, she and her husband Rupen welcomed a baby into the world!)

Because of the work I did to Find Love Now, I am in the best relationship of my life! 

This work is life changing, amazing stuff that's so easy to do.

And now I am expecting a baby with the man of my dreams! :)

-Tracy J.